Put the best tech available behind your content

Publish everywhere, easily

Publishing Tools

Simple workflows to help get you in and out, so you can spend more time making that hit show

Access a clean, intuitive UI that understands how you work

Our easy-to-use platform makes onboarding your team and content a breeze, whether you’re starting a new show or moving over from another platform.

Streamline your publishing process

Build drafts, schedule, and publish your content all in place. Make global updates all at once with bulk editing tools.

Efficiently collaborate across your entire organization or network

Add unlimited users, set up role-based permissions, work on drafts, and maintain a shared publishing calendar to get the job done together.

Publishing Features

Publish, deliver, and much, much more

Flexible publishing

Upload your episode as a single file at any encoding, then schedule or publish. Publish new content directly in the platform or in your own CMS by connecting to Megaphone via RSS or our API.

Seamless onboarding

Import existing MP3s and metadata in a few simple clicks. Stay on schedule with no disruption for your listeners.

Unlimited users

Grant access to anyone in your organization and set role-based permissions for efficient collaboration.

Episode drafting

Build drafts to allow for cross-functional teamwork before you hit “publish.”

Publishing calendar

Keep ad ops and editorial teams in sync with a single calendar.

The platform is beautiful and easy to use. When we’re bringing on new shows and people hear we’re on Megaphone, they get really excited.”

Ilwira Marciszek, SVP, Head of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales, AdLarge

Further distribute and monetize your live-streamed audio content through Broadcast-to-Podcast

Coming soon to Megaphone, this technology allows you to quickly convert your broadcast audio into podcast format.

Simply provide Megaphone with your live stream URL and schedule, and we'll automatically record, process and publish your broadcasts as new podcast episodes. We'll identify and remove any ads in your live stream so new ads can be dynamically inserted increasing the revenue potential of your existing content.