Reduce error rate with bulk editing


The team at Studio71 manages national ad campaigns across a robust portfolio of over 100 podcasts. Making small changes across each campaign, like updating ad copy or adding tracking URLs, was traditionally done manually, campaign by campaign, increasing the likelihood of simple mistakes.


Studio71 utilized Megaphone’s bulk editing tool, which allows publishers to edit multiple orders at the same time within a single screen. 


In addition to saving time, Studio71 saw an 80% reduction in error rate after adopting bulk editing. The tool was especially valuable in distributing the most up-to-date ad copy to all of their hosts.


reduction in error rate

Working with hundreds of national ad campaigns at a time, across over 100 podcasts, the bulk editing tool is vital for us. It’s helped us reduce our error rate by 80% in the last quarter.”

Stephen Perlstein, VP of Podcasts, Studio71