Red Seat Ventures

Unlock incremental revenue


Red Seat Ventures partners with market-leading talents, brands, and personalities to develop unique media properties. Already utilizing Megaphone’s robust direct sales campaign management tools, Red Seat was looking for a way to earn additional revenue.


Red Seat Ventures opted into the Spotify Audience Network, an audio-first advertising marketplace that connects podcast publishers to advertisers of all sizes to monetize unsold inventory. Red Seat utilized the Spotify Audience Network as a supplement to its direct sales efforts.


After joining the Spotify Audience Network, Red Seat Ventures saw a sharp increase in revenue and access to advertisers that they previously would not have had an opportunity to work with.


Revenue increase YOY


Increase in unique advertisers YOY

The Spotify Audience Network has become a very meaningful contributor to overall podcast sales, increasing revenue for us by over 100% year over year. As our podcasts grow, we are continuing to see our Spotify Audience Network revenue increase every single month.”

Christopher Balfe, CEO, Red Seat Ventures