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The Spotify Audience Network takes on new markets: Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom

We’re introducing the Spotify Audience Network to advertisers in more markets to support global publisher monetization efforts.
June 2021

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After a successful U.S. launch in April, we are excited to announce that we are expanding the Spotify Audience Network to advertisers from Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This expansion will enable Megaphone publishers from across the globe to easily monetize impressions from these three new markets in addition to the United States. 

What is the Spotify Audience Network? 

The Spotify Audience Network is an audio-first advertising marketplace that enables podcast publishers to incrementally grow revenue by capturing demand from advertisers of all sizes. Publishers on Megaphone can use the Spotify Audience Network in whichever way best fits their monetization strategy. The network is designed to deliver high-yield demand from advertisers, allowing publishers to enjoy higher fill rates and incremental revenue. With Spotify’s ad creative standards in place, you can also expect high quality creative so that the podcast experience for your listeners remains seamless and intimate while still maximizing your monetization opportunities and overall revenue. 

More global advertisers means more monetized impressions 

This launch in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom will open up the ability to monetize impressions generated by listeners in those markets through the Spotify Audience Network. Whether you are a major podcast publisher with a global audience or a smaller UK podcaster with a fiercely loyal fanbase, opting into the Spotify Audience Network will give you scaled access to advertisers in-market that are interested in reaching your audience. 

Since our launch in April, advertiser demand through the Spotify Audience Network has grown significantly. Nearly 60% of Spotify’s U.S. podcast advertiser base is now advertising with the Spotify Audience Network. We’ve also seen increased interest with new advertisers who had yet to try podcast advertising at all: Kimberly Gardiner, SVP of Marketing at Volkswagen, notes, “Podcasts have been on our radar for some time, however, the lack of audience targeting has largely restricted us from investing in the space. We are excited to have recently partnered with Spotify to launch our first podcast advertising campaign ever, leveraging the Spotify Audience Network to drive awareness and consideration for our first electric vehicle the ID.4.” 

This level of access to scaled and incremental demand has already started to improve monetization for Megaphone publishers in the Spotify Audience Network. Opted-in podcast publishers have seen fill rates increase by over +10%, CPMs increase by over +40%, and the number of unique advertisers nearly double for some publishers, all while maintaining the seamless and intimate experience that listeners have come to expect from podcasts. Cathy Csukas, CEO of AdLarge Media, notes, “It is paramount to us that the advertising in our podcast networks complements the content, providing an optimal listening journey and user experience while also generating revenue. The Spotify Audience Network has truly been additive to our usual monetization efforts, helping to boost revenue across all our shows in our podcast ad sales network while serving quality ads at scale that maintain our podcast listening standard.” 

Come join us on this journey - we’re just getting started 

At Megaphone, we’re on a mission to help publishers podcast smarter and generate more revenue. Come join us to take advantage of the most innovative podcasting tools in the market and maximize your monetization with the Spotify Audience Network. 

The Megaphone platform is currently the only way to access the Spotify Audience Network. For publishers who have not yet opted into the network, contact your Megaphone account representative or reach out through the Megaphone website to learn more about how to monetize your content more effectively through the Spotify Audience Network. 

For marketers, you can learn more about this announcement on the Spotify Advertising website or reach out to your Spotify sales rep.