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Streamlining the order management process with bulk order editing

May 2021

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Things tend to change at the last minute when setting up podcast ad campaigns. Whether uploading new creative due to an eleventh-hour edit or complying with a new request to add a tracking URL across multiple orders, podcast publishers often find themselves spending hours making small changes to individual orders before setting them live. At Megaphone, we’re committed to providing publishers with podcasting tools that are sophisticated yet intuitive. As a part of that commitment, we’re always looking for ways to reduce major points of friction for our customers. That is why we’re delighted to announce the launch of our newest feature - bulk order editing.

Bulk order editing streamlines the order management process by allowing publishers to select multiple orders at once and apply ad creative and/or tracking URL changes across them all. Edits are all made within a single screen and easy-to-use interface, making it easier and quicker to make adjustments to any number of orders. Publishers using the feature are already seeing the value of bulk order editing. Clay Vickers of Vox Media said, “[Bulk editing] will save me 5-7 hours a week.”

Bulk editing is one of many Megaphone features that lets our publishers get back to what they do best - making great podcasts. Keep an eye out for more valuable and time-saving features coming soon!

For more information about how to use our bulk editing feature, visit our Help Center post. Have further questions? Feel free to reach out via Live Chat or email support (