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5 tips to share with advertiser partners for non-disruptive ads
August 2021

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Podcast listening is a personal experience. It allows creators to connect with listeners as they stream what they love, choosing their content based on their mood or moment. Because of this, it’s important that ads feel relevant to each listener. In fact, 65% of people say they like it when it feels like ads are made just for them.

Here at Megaphone, we believe in creating the best listening experience for the audiences of our publishers and that extends to the ads within each podcast. Below, we’ve put together creative principles that can be shared with advertiser partners in order to ensure that ads are non-disruptive and engaging.

  1. Consider who will listen to each ad. 75% of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize the moment or setting.2 Maybe it’s a daily news podcast that might be listened to early in the morning, or a true crime podcast that streams primarily at night, ad copy can be tweaked to recognize who is tuning in and when.
  2. Keep it casual. Podcast ads are not radio. Listeners should feel like they’re hearing about a product from a friend, not from a salesperson. It’s that personal touch that can keep listeners engaged - recent data found that host-read ads are especially effective when lasting up to :60.3
  3. Time is precious. A script with fewer words avoids a breathless, non-stop voiceover. A slower cadence with well-timed pauses gives listeners more time to absorb information. For a :30 spot, we recommend aiming for up to 60-65 words.
  4. Beware of claims, superlatives, and legal requirements. Consider creative time limits when there are caveats. Watch out for claims or statistics that can’t be backed up within the ad itself. In other words - if there’s not enough time to properly explain or substantiate your claim, leave it out. This is a skippable ad format, so important legal disclaimers should be prioritized at the beginning of the ad.
  5. Don’t discount voice talent. Megaphone publishers can now opt-in their shows to the Spotify Audience Network which allows them to tap into greater advertiser demand with dynamically inserted voice talent ads. We get it - listeners shouldn’t be disrupted with what sounds like a radio ad in the middle of a well-produced content. That’s why you can expect high-quality ads with Spotify’s ad creative standards in place, ensuring your listening experience remains seamless and intimate while maximizing your monetization opportunities. Plus, recent data has found that voice talent ads under :30 produced significant lifts for advertisers across metrics like intent to seek more information, purchase, and recommendation intent,3 meaning that these are lucrative spots for potential advertisers.

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