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Megaphone ramps up audience development with Spotify’s acquisition of Chartable

Chartable tech will empower Megaphone publishers to better know and grow their podcast audiences
February 2022

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We are excited to announce that Spotify has acquired Chartable, a trusted podcast analytics platform, integrating their audience insights tech into Megaphone’s premium platform. When Megaphone joined Spotify more than a year ago, we knew that our shared commitment to audio innovation and publisher growth would further expand the podcast ecosystem. The acquisition of Chartable is another signal of Spotify’s ongoing efforts to build upon the Megaphone platform in ways that will drive impact that matters, ensuring we continue to provide best-in-class solutions that drive our publishers’ podcast businesses forward.

Understanding your audience is paramount in podcast publishing, a key component to both content and revenue strategies. By utilizing Chartable technology and intelligence, our publisher partners will now have an even richer understanding of their listeners, on and off Spotify. In turn, Chartable's promotional products will make it easier than ever for a publisher to convert those in-depth audience insights into action, expanding listenership and growing their business.

Chartable's cutting-edge SmartLinks and SmartPromos tools measure attribution for podcast promotion conducted through digital marketing channels and in-podcast audio, while their data products provide insight into overall podcast performance. We’re thrilled to welcome the Chartable team and their expertise to Megaphone as we work to integrate these offerings into our platform. 

At Megaphone, we’re always striving to provide our partners with the most impactful insights to optimize their podcast business. The addition of Chartable to the Megaphone platform is an important investment in our publishers’ audience development; we look forward to sharing the innovation that’s to come! 

To learn more about the acquisition, head to Spotify For The Record.