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Megaphone, a Spotify company, formally launches podcasting platform in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy

We’re expanding the world’s leading podcasting platform to publishers in select European markets
October 2021

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Podcasts have taken Europe by storm. Podcast listening in Europe now reaches 20-30% of internet users in markets like Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, as listeners now have access to more engaging content. With thousands of new podcasts released daily, listeners have a greater variety of podcast content to engage with and follow than ever before. 

This rise in podcast creation has resulted in a more competitive market for podcast publishers to win both listener attention and advertiser dollars. So, how can podcast publishers get their content to stand out in the crowd while making the most of this explosion in podcast listening?

Megaphone is here to help. We're excited to announce that the Megaphone podcasting platform, an all-in-one podcasting platform for publishing, analytics, and monetization, is now officially expanding to Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. 

The platform trusted by industry-leading podcast publishers 

Since its launch in 2015, Megaphone has been one of the leading podcasting platforms for industry-leading podcast publishers, including Slate, The Wall Street Journal, and AdLarge. More than 30% of the top 200 shows on Spotify as well as on Apple are now hosted on Megaphone; Megaphone manages more than twice the number of the top 200 shows than the next largest podcasting platform. Over the last year, the community of publishers working with Megaphone has grown over 50% in markets outside of the US. 

Pascal Hughes, Founder and CEO of Noiser, a UK-based podcast production network and current Megaphone client, said, “The Megaphone platform has provided us with a robust set of podcasting capabilities that are powerful, sophisticated, and intuitive. With the help of these tools, we have been able to scale our content, grow our audience, and increase revenue across our entire portfolio of shows in a way that we weren’t able to do with other podcasting platforms.”

A one-stop shop for all podcasting needs — create, monetize, and measure

The formal expansion of Megaphone’s offerings in these markets strengthens our ability to help local publishers in all four markets create, distribute, and monetize their podcast content. The Megaphone platform, which was previously available in a limited availability and support capacity,  offers a comprehensive suite of powerful podcasting tools that can help even the largest publishers create, monetize, and measure their podcast business. Our platform is also built to support scale — no matter how much content you have, we can run it, host it, stitch in the advertising, and provide you with the performance analytics all within our single platform. Because of the simple yet powerful nature of the platform, we have seen podcast shows increase their monthly episode production by more than 15%, on average, after six months on the platform.

With this official expansion, Megaphone is also proud to now offer white-glove service to all publishers in all four markets at launch. Whether publishers need an answer to a technical question or want strategic advice on their podcast business, the team is available through email or chat function to assist. Over the next year, we will be growing the local sales and support teams in Europe to ensure publishers have access to the Megaphone team whenever they need it. 

Unparalleled monetization potential coming your way   

At Megaphone, we’re on a mission to help podcast publishers not only generate more quality content, but also earn more from their work. European podcast ad spending is expected to grow more than 50% and hit more than €200M by 2023 — and our mission is to ensure publishers have the right tools to capitalize on this growth. 

Megaphone publishers in all four markets will have access to simple yet powerful tools to generate more revenue, no matter how they prefer to monetize -- all while maintaining full control over their direct sales. Whether publishers prefer baked-in host reads or are ready to scale with dynamic ad insertion (DAI), Megaphone has all of the tools needed to help publishers earn more from their work. Through Megaphone, publishers can accurately plan their inventory, manage individual advertiser campaigns, and analyze post-campaign performance. And as your direct sales grow, you can feel confident in knowing that 100% of revenue earned from direct sales campaigns goes directly to the publisher. 

With this launch, we are now committed to introducing more innovative monetization-focused solutions for publishers in all four markets over the next year. Publishers can expect new features including audience-based insights, targeting capabilities for direct sales, and even new supplemental demand sources. 

Come join us — we’re just getting started  

This is just the beginning. As part of the Spotify family, Megaphone has access to first-to-market audio innovation. Both Spotify and Megaphone have a well-documented history of innovating in podcasting, like with Streaming Ad Insertion, Video Podcasts, and the Spotify Audience Network, and we will continue to invest in industry-leading tools and unique analytics to help publishers grow their audience and revenue. Come join Megaphone and take advantage of some of the world's premier podcasting tools. Publishers who are ready to take their podcasts to the next level can contact the Megaphone team through this form.

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