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August 2022

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Megaphone is your entire podcasting ecosystem, from start to finish. We give you the smartest tools to publish, monetize, and grow your podcast business, as well as the service you need to keep your business thriving. Plus, our specialized feature-set empowers creators to start their own podcast network and watch it flourish:

  • Cross-promote your content: In-network promotion is arguably one of the most effective tools for podcast growth, and Megaphone makes it easy with our advanced toolset. Easily promote a podcast across others within your network with an in-house ad. Utilize Megaphone’s dynamic insertion technology to target promotions as you would any other advertisement, leveraging impression caps, geotargeting, and more. Learn more about our in-network promotional capabilities here.
  • Manage large teams: Megaphone allows your network to create unlimited, password-protected logins, each with varying levels of access permissions. Separate each podcast into their own ecosystem, ensuring that users who work on one show don’t have access to the others in your network. Establish permissions at a user-level so that user platform access matches the user’s intended role, like ad ops management or billing. Learn more about user permissions here.
  • Level-up your revenue: Megaphone publishers can now tap into the Spotify Audience Network, which connects your unfilled inventory with targeted ads from some of the world’s biggest advertisers. Utilize the Spotify Audience Network as a supplement to your direct sales business or as a primary monetization lever. Learn more here.

LinkedIn Podcast Network How a new network found success

LinkedIn has found success leveraging Megaphone’s network-building capabilities and utilizes the specialized feature-set for the distribution, measurement, and monetization of their podcasts. They have even embedded Megaphone players into their native newsletter tool to drive listens directly on their platform. The LinkedIn Podcast Network launched in early 2022, featuring content from top business and professional podcasters, enabling them to connect with LinkedIn’s 800+ million members on its platform through Live Events, Newsletters, Videos and posts, and enabling them to reach millions of listeners off of platform, thanks to Megaphone’s distribution capabilities.

The Megaphone platform has enabled LinkedIn to confidently host, analyze, distribute, and monetize their podcast network, and is well positioned to support LinkedIn as it continues to grow and scale its Podcast business.

Vox Media Podcast Network How a network of over 200 podcasts relies on Megaphone

Vox Media Podcast Network is one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most topically-diverse collections of high-quality podcasts in market. With more than 200 active shows from editorial networks and partners, their programming connects advertisers with audiences when they’re tuned in most.

Vox Media has been a part of the Megaphone family for over five years, and for good reason - Megaphone’s state-of-the-art platform allows Vox Media to manage their direct sales, promotions, and subscriptions with ease. Any unsold inventory is carefully managed and monetized via the Spotify Audience Network, providing the podcast network with additional revenue. Plus, with customer support teams less than a 5 min wait away for live 1:1 support, they never miss a beat.