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Introducing Premium RSS Feeds

A new recurring source of revenue for publishers.
December 2020

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by Corey Lian

‍ 2020 has been a pretty unpredictable year, to say the least. The coronavirus pandemic turned the world on its head, and the podcast industry was suddenly rife with fears about listenership dropping. Our publishers were nervous — would ad revenue be impacted?

‍ Luckily their worries proved to be unfounded as listeners continued to tune into their favorite podcasts and advertisers embraced the nimbleness of podcasting more than ever. Even still, we continued to think about how we could bring additional sources of recurring revenue to our publishers.

‍ In September, we introduced Premium RSS Feeds to select clients, allowing them to offer listeners ad-free or bonus content in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Initial testing has offered valuable insight thus far — early data shows 3%-5% of listeners opt into the $5/month subscription option, giving publishers a more predictable source of revenue on top of their usual ad-generated revenue.

‍ Of course, Premium RSS Feeds are nothing new, but by integrating the feature into our platform through Supporting Cast, we’ve made the process seamless for both publishers and potential subscribers. Creating a Premium feed takes no more than five minutes, and listeners can quickly sign up via a link in the episode show notes without downloading an additional podcatcher app.

For more information or to be considered for our Beta round of testing, shoot me an email at