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Feature Update: Pacing Controls

July 2021

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This week, the Megaphone team made some updates to our campaign pacing offering. We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched even pacing, a monetization feature that offers publishers the ability to set direct advertiser orders to evenly distribute impressions and budget across the flight date. Even pacing is one of three pacing control options we offer - to understand the difference between each option, we’ve provided more detail below:

  • Even Pacing: Megaphone will deliver a similar number of impressions on a daily basis that will be paced to last the entire flight. Publishers can expect campaign budgets to be spent more consistently with this feature.
  • Accelerated: Megaphone will deliver the order’s impressions as quickly as possible. With this pacing control, an order may exhaust its cap early in the flight.
  • Predictive: Megaphone will deliver the order’s impressions in a way that is optimized based on historical data. Plus, impressions will be paced to last the entire flight. This control relies on an optimal distribution algorithm that is adjusted daily based on the order’s impression cap, the previous day’s impressions, and historical performance of the targeted inventory.

Unsure which pacing control option is best for your campaign? Check out our help center, or reach out to