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Engle Partners with Megaphone for Distribution and Monetization

Engle joins forces with the leading podcast hosting and ad-insertion service for enterprises, Megaphone.
June 2020

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Paris, France(June 2020) - Engle, the independent studio behind the podcast series The Undersiders, Gurus,The Race (for Sybel), and the Spotify Originals Initials S.G. joins forces with the leading podcast hosting and ad-insertion service for enterprises, Megaphone.

Engle will utilize Megaphone’s platform for hosting, publishing, dynamic ad insertion, campaign management, forecasting, and analytics. The company will also leverage Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) to deliver targeted ads to its podcast listeners, supplementing its direct sales and boosting monetization of its podcast inventory.

“If content is king, then distribution is queen. In this digital podcast ecosystem, we felt it was imperative to have the right partner regarding the technical management of our organic growth,” said François Cusset, Founder & CEO of Engle. “Coming from the ad tech industry, I was very sensitive to the different technology bricks proposed by Megaphone (…) we are very happy and confident that this partnership will help us enhance our audiences both in France and worldwide.”

Founded in 2018, Engle operates out of Paris and produces original scripted podcasts for top-tier platforms both in French and English, while also developing proprietary audiences and IP catalog.

Through the partnership, Megaphone is hosting Engle’s shows while providing sophisticated ad insertion and trafficking technology to help support Engle as it expands its content lineup and continues to leverage its reporting and storytelling expertise in the podcast space.

“We are thrilled to partner with Engle,” said Joseph Sasso, Director of European Business Development. “In addition to producing great content, Engle also knows its technology. They share our vision and our optimism for how to move the industry forward.”

About Megaphone

Megaphone is a podcast technology company that provides hosting and ad-insertion capabilities for publishers and targeted ad sales for brand partners. The Megaphone platform connects enterprise-level podcasters and media companies with best-in-class tools to publish, monetize, and measure their audio content. Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) revolutionizes podcast advertising by offering brands unprecedented listener reach, true measurement, efficient execution, and guaranteed brand safety. Megaphone Studio provides end-to-end creative services for advertisers, developing breakthrough audio ads that envelop the user and drive results.

About Engle

Founded in 2018 by music, audiovisual and digital industries experts, Engle is a storytelling studio focused on premium on-demand audio content. Based in the bustling and vibrant heart of Paris, Engle create, develop and produce multi-language original content for medias, platforms and brands, while also building a proprietary catalogue in their 2600 sq. ft dedicated studios facilities.Engle notably produce original scripted docu-series for Spotify (Initials S.G.), Sybel (The Race) while also distribute their own produced franchise like The Undersiders ( Apple Top 10 podcast of 2018 in France and listened in +90 countries) or Gurus (Deezer Top 10 podcast of 2019).

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