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Free access to Chartable & Podsights for Megaphone partners now available across Europe

October 2022

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Exciting news: we’re launching a bundle that gives Megaphone partners in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain free access to both Chartable and Podsights. Spotify acquired these platforms in February as an investment in our mission to help podcast publishers better understand their audiences and grow revenue. This new bundle furthers that goal and underscores our commitment to empowering our partners across Europe with the tools they need to scale.

“Over the past year, we’ve been focused on strengthening Megaphone’s already robust offering to ensure it remains the best place for publishers to understand and grow their audiences and monetise their content. We are laser focused on helping European podcast publishers grow their businesses and we believe these tools will play a critical role in making this happen.” said Nina Harvey, International Head of Publishers and Business Development at Spotify.

With Chartable, all Megaphone partners will be able to leverage unique analytics and granular listener insights designed to optimise audience growth. For example, cross-promotion can be a great marketing tactic to expand listenership, but it can be challenging to quantify results and attribute success. Chartable’s SmartPromos feature allows publishers to track important promotion attribution metrics like new listener conversion rates to fully understand the impact of a promotional campaign. Additionally, SmartLinks allows publishers to determine which media channels are driving listeners, helping them understand which components of their podcast promotion strategy are driving real results.

“Chartable has become a go-to platform for us at Pushkin to gather data about our own network of podcasts as well as to collaborate with other audio networks to collect key insights from our marketing campaigns. It allows us to make informed decisions that lead to audience growth.” said Eric Sandler, Director of Audience Development at Pushkin. 

With Podsights, Megaphone partners will benefit from powerful measurement tools that can help prove the value of podcast advertising on their inventory and drive greater advertiser demand. Podsights applies proprietary ad attribution measures to direct sales campaigns, and has worked with more than one thousand brands to prove ROI for advertisers.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide full stack measurement and analytics solutions to our partners. In the short term, access to the Chartable and Podsights platforms will remain separate from the Megaphone UI. We’re committed to improving access to these tools, and are working to integrate select Chartable and Podsights features within one Megaphone experience in the future. Read more about all of the benefits available to Megaphone clients here.