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3 Ways to Optimize Yield

June 2021

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The podcast advertising market is growing rapidly. A recent forecast from eMarketer expects total podcast ad spending to more than double from $1.33B in 2021 to $2.74B by 2025, representing a huge opportunity for podcast publishers to grow revenue. What are some of the ways that publishers can take advantage of this growing sector and optimize their yield today? We’ve got you covered with three easy tips.

1. Utilize Dynamic Ad Insertion

Baked-in ads often have a shelf life which can limit the monetization potential of your back catalogue. For example, coupon codes may expire or a promotion may have a set end date. Turning on DAI will ensure ads are fresh and relevant, even with older podcast episodes. Plus, recent data shows that ads read by a voice actor have nearly the same impact as host-read ads, meaning that dynamically inserted ads will keep up with your performance goals.

To learn more about the performance impact of host-read vs. voice acted ads, click here.

2. Consider Readjusting Floor Prices

Megaphone allows publishers to set a minimum CPM that prevents advertisers from serving ads that pay below a certain threshold. A high price floor will ideally result in more revenue for the publisher. However, setting a price floor that is too high can affect publishers’ fill rates and therefore overall revenue. Finding a balance between CPM and fill rate is necessary to optimize yield. For more information on how to adjust price floors for your podcast, click here.

3. Let Content Length Guide the Number of Ad Locations

Consider the length of your content when determining how many ad locations should be included in your podcasts. We recommend that content longer than 45 minutes should contain multiple mid-rolls and that publishers should space out these ads to ensure ad coverage throughout the duration of the podcast.

Additionally, increasing the number of ad insertion points per ad location is a simple way to optimize yield. This will allow more than one pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad to play from a single point within your podcast, which will maximize your potential revenue. With Megaphone, you can insert as many ad locations as you’d like, though most publishers stick to a standard number of insertion points for each podcast. Take another look at the length of your podcasts and adjust the ads accordingly, or reach out to your customer success manager for more information about maximizing ad locations. 

Have more questions about optimizing yield? Reach out to support@megaphone.fm or check out our Help Center.