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2021 New Feature Roundup

December 2021

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2021 was an amazing year to be a Megaphone publisher! We rolled out lots of new features that make podcasting easy. Check out a list of highlights below:

Flexible & Efficient Monetization Capabilities 

Spotify Audience Network 

Earlier this year, we launched the Spotify Audience Network, an audio-first advertising marketplace that enables podcast publishers to incrementally grow revenue by capturing demand from advertisers of all sizes. The network is designed to deliver high-yield demand from advertisers, allowing publishers to enjoy higher fill rates and incremental revenue. With Spotify’s ad creative standards in place, you can also expect high quality creative so that the podcast experience for your listeners remains seamless and intimate while still maximizing your monetization opportunities and overall revenue. 

Since the network launched, opted-in podcast publishers have seen fill rates grow by 21% and total ad impressions increase by 37%. They also saw greater advertiser diversity as the number of unique advertisers grew 110%, all while maintaining the seamless and intimate experience that listeners have come to expect from podcasts.¹

Bulk Order Editing

We know that things tend to change at the last minute when setting up podcast ad campaigns. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for publishers to make changes across multiple orders without the headache of going into each individual order. Publishers using bulk order editing can access a simplified workflow to edit creative and tracking URL for multiple orders, all within a single screen. You can learn more about this feature here

Updated Order Pacing Options

Different orders require different pacing. Publishers can now set one of three pacing options to allocate how impressions are distributed within flight dates. 

  • Accelerated: Delivers the order's impressions as quickly as possible. An order may exhaust its cap early in the flight.
  • Even Pacing: Delivers consistent # of impressions within an order until the end date to ensure that there is a steady flow of impressions for every day of the flight. Megaphone will determine the impression delivery schedule by taking into consideration the number of impressions booked, the number of impressions served, and forecasting data.
  • Predictive: Delivers the order's impressions based on an optimal distribution algorithm that is adjusted daily based on the order's impression cap, the previous day's impressions, and historical performance of the targeted inventory. Impressions will be delivered across the entirety of the flight. Predictive pacing can be set at any priority and requires an impressions cap.

To learn more about order pacing, check out this help center article

Greater Promotion Tools 


Earlier this year, Megaphone partnered with Headliner to enable an easy-to-use tool for publishers to easily capture their listeners’ attention without a full in-house design team. With Audiograms, publishers on the Megaphone platform can supplement their social media promotion by creating a shareable, clickable visual to accompany audio clips. Audiograms can contain the clipped audio, static pictures, moving waveforms, or even dynamic visuals! 

Check out how to easily create audiograms on the Megaphone platform here.

Enhanced Platform Security

Two Factor Authentication

Org admins can enable this additional safety feature to enforce that all users enter both their login information and a unique passcode to access their Megaphone account. This will help publishers ensure that their org data remains protected.

Megaphone users with “org admin” permissions can turn on 2FA in the org settings. For additional information, learn more in the help center article

Improved Reporting

Impressions Dashboards

We added two new views to our impressions dashboard offering, giving publishers real-time visibility into how their ad impressions are tracking over a set time period at the podcast-level and episode-level. There’s no need to manipulate data or create new views to get these individual dashboards - all four dashboards are readily available within the Impressions tab of Megaphone’s platform. 

Questions about any of these features? Check out our Help Center or reach out to

Data Sources

¹Megaphone First Party Global Data, Jan-Oct’21 vs. Jan-Oct’20